August 22, 2012

A decade of BlueSky

Ten years in business. It’s gone by in a flash. It’s been a blast. There’ve been lots of learning’s. A lot of personal change and growth. Ups and downs. Excitement and disappointments. Team members and clients come and go – all have left their imprint in some way.

From an attic in Leslieville to acquiring our Sherbourne Street loft, we touched just about every industry in some way and have been fortunate enough to grow an extensive network of Toronto’s most savvy, driven and smartest business people. And we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

Reflecting back to the day after I left my job to start BlueSky, I was driving on the QEW following a meeting with my first client, and the most unbelievable feeling of complete freedom and excitement came over me. This was a new life venture, a risky and exciting career path that at the time I envisioned as little more than a great, home-based freelancing business.

And in a lot of ways I don’t feel like we’ve departed too far from that small, client-focused business that wants to enjoy every day while offering a valuable service to clients, alongside a team I love working with.

This team has taught me so much. Each has developed their own complementary set of skills that has brought BlueSky to this decade milestone. A team that included my sister and partner, Julie McCarthy, and Sarah Turnbull, our longest serving employee, who has made a huge contribution to this company. Not to mention our newest team member Tara Bolger who is quickly making an impact, as well as the many consultants and writers we work with and have engaged over the years.

Looking forward to the next 10 years, what will that hold?  At the risk of sounding cliché, I want more of the same. Well, let me add to that. We are entrepreneurs afterall. I want A LOT MORE of the same.  And how do we do it? Stick with what we know works – do the work you like and do it with the people you like. Everything else will fall into place.

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