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Persuading People: Rationality vs Emotion

Zulfikar Fahd, Account Executive, BlueSky Communications

Human beings were brought up to believe that we are rational creatures. We are always taught to take into account available information, analyze it, and consider the pros and cons of a situation … Read More

Protect & Propel Your Image with Earned Media

Earned media has long been the bread and butter of an organization’s public relations strategy, after all, it is the job of public relations professionals to craft relevant news to propel their client’s image, but the ever-evolving world of media … Read More

Influencer Relations: The Winning Formula for 2020

Influence can come in many shapes and sizes. It is integral for brands, PR agencies and content creators/influencers to work mutually in order to develop authentic content that consumers will genuinely be interested in. Influencers, also referred as content creators, … Read More

PR-ing our PR work to non-PR folks

Last month at a networking dinner in Toronto, I coincidentally shared a table with two fellow PR consultants. Our conversation drifted to how executives in corporations do not actually understand what PR people can do for them.

The conversation went … Read More

Being a PR practitioner in Canada: why it’s different in Indonesia

January last year I migrated from Indonesia, a country that’s culturally and socially different from Canada. Many adjustments had to be made. Weather-wise for example, this is my first time wearing heavy clothes for six months a year. In my … Read More

Canadians embracing Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping is in full swing right now and Canadians plan to fully embrace it again this season, according to a recent poll from our client The overwhelming majority of us (86 per cent) will spend as much or … Read More

Why aren’t your PR efforts translating into new business?

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien

You’ve partnered with a PR firm, outlined the objectives and you are off to a strong start. Already you are seeing media coverage on your company. Three trade magazines in your target sector want your advice in … Read More

Content is starting to cost money again. And I’m willing to pay.

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien

It started with Texture, the app offering access to more than 200 top magazines for a monthly subscription. I was hooked. Two of these magazines purchased from the newsstand would cost more than the monthly fee. I … Read More

Brand building through video

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien

If you could select only one public relations strategy to build your business, what would it be? For businesses in professional services, there are many approaches you could take to attract customers, but video content seems … Read More

Shaking up your routine for a new perspective

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien   As many of us return from a spring getaway, it’s striking how re-charged you can feel. Shaking up your routine, even for a short period of time, can go a long way in renewing your perspective … Read More