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Ahoy! Three ways to build loyalty and repeat business. 

Recently my family and I returned from a Disney Cruise.  We saved and planned for a year, and every few weeks the kids asked, “how many sleeps” and the countdown began.

Disney is one of the most recognized companies … Read More

How brands can identify the right influencers

By: Jamie Sanders    Brands are often faced with the challenge of coming up with strategies to break through the noise and reach their target audience. Celebrity endorsement is a popular strategy. Celebrities are often sought after influencers by many big … Read More

What we can learn from Wendy’s viral tweets this month

By Tara Bolger  You may have seen the tweets from fast food restaurant Wendy’s that went viral this month. The Twitter account kicked off the New Year with hilarious and seemingly unfiltered responses to a Twitter user who questioned the … Read More

How much noise should companies make at an already busy time?

The holidays are upon us. Everywhere you look are lights, glitter, a cheerful song and a guy in a big red suit. But you’re also likely seeing more ads for socks (the perfect stocking stuffer!), Facebook posts about Hatchimals (the … Read More

What you know after 15 years in business.

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien

It was a LinkedIn message that reminded us of our upcoming 15th anniversary. We launched BlueSky Communications in October 2002, the same year LinkedIn was founded. A year overshadowed by 911, we saw a downturn in the … Read More

Media Training Scorecard: Clinton 1, Trump 0

By Federica Maraboli

Watching the presidential debate the other night, I couldn’t help but cringe for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of Donald Trump’s clear need for remedial media training.

Each of us is a brand in our … Read More

What’s the best PR agency-client relationship?

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien

Do agencies approach client relationships all wrong? For a PR firm, or anyone in professional services for that matter, looking for ways to increase your value to clients beyond what they hired you for is key to … Read More

Three Lessons I Learned From The 2016 Summer Olympics

Leading up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, I was looking forward to seeing if Michael Phelps would once again dominate in the water. I was particularly excited to watch 16-year-old swimmer Penny Oleksiak from my neighbourhood in Toronto … Read More

Influencer Insight: Behind the Scenes with Toronto Blogger, La Petite Noob

In the realm of public relations, influencer and word of mouth marketing is becoming integral to brand campaigns. Bloggers across all different verticals are communicating brand messages to niche audiences and are able to connect with these audiences in a … Read More

Mobile working – Hello from Nashville, Tennessee

By Tara Bolger  Many studies have suggested different things when it comes to mobile working, but it always seems to come back to: those who have the opportunity to work remotely feel happier and more productive.

I’ve been fortunate … Read More