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Why your response to negative social media posts is killing your brand

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien Too often I see companies responding to a negative comment on social media and it’s overkill. Their reaction actually brings more attention to the issue and broadcasts it to more people who otherwise wouldn’t know about it.

How … Read More

HealthAchieve 2014

This year’s HealthAchieve stage awaits the presence of Robert Gupta, Michael E. Porter, Tom Rand, Jennifer Jones + Nina Tandon. November 3-5, 2014

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Is too much reading hurting our brain?

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien  Reading books, magazines and newspapers on your iPad or Kindle has made the written word more accessible than ever, and information consumption has soared.  Our reading habits of today would be the envy of any ancient philosopher or … Read More

Why are family enterprises successful?

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien This Harvard Business Review blog on the success of family businesses got me thinking, what are the typical characteristics of these businesses that give them staying power?

Sure there are certain strategies that allow family enterprises to be successful … Read More

How PR Professionals Deal with Conflicting Loyalties

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien Those of us doing media relations are challenged with conflicting loyalties. We need great relationships with both clients and the media in order to be successful in this business, but too often we are put in a position to … Read More

Crowdfunding? Make some noise.

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien The new and interesting sector of equity crowdfunding is heating up in Canada.  Regulatory bodies such as the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) are making it easier for companies looking to raise money online while giving investors an equity … Read More

BlueSky welcomes Tri Fit as our newest client

What a great way to kick-off the spring season – having the opportunity to work with a client, Tri Fit, who has helped hundreds of businesses enhance personal and organizational health.

Tri Fit  provides a broad range of fitness, health … Read More

“Whose meeting is this anyway?”

We had a three-dog-day in the office this week and we loved it. Here’s why:

1) Exercise. Yes someone needs to take our furry friends out at lunch.

2) Creativity. Nothing breaks the ice at a brainstorming session like asking … Read More

Always mix business with pleasure, otherwise what’s the point?

People want to do business with people they like. It’s as simple as that. The clients we’ve been fortunate to work with for many years are people we really enjoy spending time with.  Regular business calls touch on a personal … Read More

New city, new job: my first nine months at a Toronto PR firm

By Tara Bolger, Communications Consultant, BlueSky Communications

The past few years have brought on a significant amount of change– a new city, a new job and all that falls in between. I’ve been working with BlueSky for about nine months … Read More