Nathalie Boutet: How to negotiate a separation when your partner is a bully

Negotiating a marital separation when one of the spouses is a bully requires careful navigation to avoid a deadlock that only fuels discord and higher legal costs.

There are generally two broad categories of negotiation: distributive (positional) and integrative (interest-based).

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Janine White of appears on Breakfast TV

Janine White is interviewed about’s InsuraMap where you can compare auto insurance rates from across the city to see where the most expensive areas for auto insurance in Toronto are, as well as those areas where auto insurance premiums appear … Read More

Where are all the men in Human Resources?

Janet Candido from the Candido Consulting Group breaks down why we should care about the gender divide – The Globe and Mail

Janet Candido is principal of Candido Consulting Group, a company providing human resources services across North America.

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Anne Marie Thomas of interviewed about distracted driving & insurance implications – CP24

In response to OPP crackdown on distracted driving, Anne Marie Thomas from talks about how a distracted driving charge can impact your car insurance: In Ontario, a set fine of $490 and three demerit points upon conviction is the penalty, … Read More

The average spend on Valentine’s Day? $58, according to – BNN

You may or may not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but according to, 68 per cent of Canadians are romantics at heart, with both men and women thinking this is a “silly holiday.” The average spend is still $58 with an average … Read More

RBC launches face-to-face video banking for enterprise clients —

 A face-to-face video banking feature was recently launched by RBC for its enterprise clients allowing them to connect with RBC at anytime through video banking on their mobile or tablet device.

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Lifestyle trumps money for today’s startup founders: RBC survey – in Financial Post

Nearly 80 per cent of Canadians believe working for themselves is less risky than working for someone else and more than a third have actually launched a startup business because they needed income, RBC’s 2016 Small Business Poll shows.

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Anne Marie Thomas chats with Ann Rohmer on CP24 about teens starting to drive

What should parents know when their teens start to drive? Anne Marie Thomas of offers some tips on CP24’s AutoShop.

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Thinking about what percentage of your investment portfolio can be completely green? Check out what CoPower says on

Until recently, Canada’s responsible investment (RI) market was fragmented. This made it difficult for retail investors to enter the space, says Trish Nixon, director of investments with Toronto-based CoPower Inc., which offers loans to development firms for projects that reduce carbon … Read More