Rakuten Rewards in Montreal Gazette: Dog days of July mean planning for fall shopping adventures

We may be in the dog days of summer, but parents are already gearing up for the stress-filled season known as Back-To-School. Which explains why many have already started doing their shopping.

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Nathalie Boutet: How to negotiate a separation when your partner is a bully

Negotiating a marital separation when one of the spouses is a bully requires careful navigation to avoid a deadlock that only fuels discord and higher legal costs.

There are generally two broad categories of negotiation: distributive (positional) and integrative (interest-based).

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Where are all the men in Human Resources?

Janet Candido from the Candido Consulting Group breaks down why we should care about the gender divide – The Globe and Mail

Janet Candido is principal of Candido Consulting Group, a company providing human resources services across North America.

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How much noise should companies make at an already busy time?

The holidays are upon us. Everywhere you look are lights, glitter, a cheerful song and a guy in a big red suit. But you’re also likely seeing more ads for socks (the perfect stocking stuffer!), Facebook posts about Hatchimals (the … Read More

Small Businesses in Alberta face added payroll costs

Steve Noussis from RBC weighs in on how Alberta’s small businesses can manage higher than average payroll obligationsRead More