Ahoy! Three ways to build loyalty and repeat business. 

Recently my family and I returned from a Disney Cruise.  We saved and planned for a year, and every few weeks the kids asked, “how many sleeps” and the countdown began.

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The Power of Hello

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien, The holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of year when we are friendlier and say hello – there’s a lighter, cheerful vibe that takes hold. But did you know there are people who embrace this … Read More

Is too much reading hurting our brain?

By Cathy-Anne O’Brien  Reading books, magazines and newspapers on your iPad or Kindle has made the written word more accessible than ever, and information consumption has soared.  Our reading habits of today would be the envy of any ancient philosopher or … Read More

Made in Canada family apparel business thriving

Globe and Mail speaks with Julia Gagnon, vice-president of sales at Attraction — BlueSky’s new client — a made in Canada apparel manufacturer and decorator based in Lac-Drolet, Québec.

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New city, new job: my first nine months at a Toronto PR firm

By Tara Bolger, Communications Consultant, BlueSky Communications

The past few years have brought on a significant amount of change– a new city, a new job and all that falls in between. I’ve been working with BlueSky for about nine months … Read More