December 21, 2011

Top PR Missteps in 2011

December 2011
  1. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford approached in his driveway by CBC’s Mary Walsh “Princess Warrier” of The Hour Has 22 Minutes. Ford dials 911.
  2. Peter Mackay treats himself to a helicopter ride and misleads parliament that it was to observe a search and rescue demonstration.
  3. Drunk RIM executives let their frustrations out and are thrown off the plane.
  4. Taken by surprise by the Stanley Cup riots and facing sexual harassment charges, the BC Mounties need some serious reputation building.
  5. Liberal Michael Ignatieff flunks communications 101: know thy target audience.
  6. The Occupy movement struggles with clarifying the message.
  7. Elected NDP Member of Parliament Ruth Ellen Brosseau never stepped foot in her riding before – a fact that became a media story suggesting the NDP were caught off guard.
  8. For a network that is strongly committed to the integrity of journalism, it’s surprising that the CBC denied numerous accesses to information requests.  Now that we know that the George Stomplos party cost tax payers $72k, will we stop watching?
  9. The federal government’s mishandling of the G20 issue – the government was incapable of making this story go away.  In November of this year, a full year and a half after the July 2010 event, it still makes the news.
  10. How the NHL is handling the head injuries issue, which we are now calling a “concussion epidemic”- a hot story that tops the list of headlines for the year.